Forests of Bihar

Forests of Bihar

Forests of Bihar
  • Bihar has a total forest area of ​​6,764 sq km, which is 7.1 percent of the total area of ​​the state. Forests in Bihar are mainly found in the districts of Champaran, Rohtas, Kaimur, Aurangabad, Gaya, Jehanabad, Nalanda, Nawada, Banka, Jamui and Munger etc. is
  • Mainly deciduous and dry deciduous forests are found in Bihar. The classification of forests in Bihar can be understood with the help of the following chart.

Wet deciduous forest 

Humid deciduous forests are found at such places where the annual rainfall is 120 cm. In Bihar, Terai area and Someshwar and Doon region are found in this type of forest, Sal, Ashok, Ken, Mango, Jamun etc. are the main trees of these forests.

Dry deciduous forest 

Dry deciduous forests are found in places where the annual rainfall is 120 cm. This type of forest is found in the eastern intermediate region of Bihar and in the western region of the south plateau. The leaves of the trees found in these forests fall in the autumn season. Sal, Bamboo, Khair, Amaltas, Mahua etc. Forests are the main tree.

Recorded forest area in Bihar 

  • Total forest area – 6493 sq km 
  • Reserved Forest – 693 km
  • Protected forest – 5,779 sq km 
  • Unclassified Forest – 1 km2

Some important facts related to Bihar forests 

  • State Total Forest Area –  6,764 km
  • Percentage of forests in the area of ​​life – 7.1%
  • District with highest forest area – West Champaran 
  • District with least forest area – Seohar 
  • District with highest forest percentage – Kaimur 
  • District with the lowest forest percentage – Sheikhpura 

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