Major Minerals of Bihar

Major Minerals of Bihar

Bihar used to produce only a few minerals. Until sometime ago Bihar was the leading state in terms of mineral wealth, but after partition in 2000, the majority of the mineral wealth went to Jharkhand.
The main minerals currently found in Bihar are ceramic, pyrite, limestone, slate, gold, saltpetre and decorative granite, quartz etc.

Major minerals found in Bihar and their sites 

  • Manganese – Munger and Gaya 
  • Coal – Aurangabad
  • Limestone – Rohtas and Kaimur Plateau 
  • Sulfur – Rojas ka Anjor
  • Silymenite – Gaya District
  • Glass – Bhagalpur
  • Bauxite – Munger (Hills of Kharakpur, Khapra, Mera, Denta, Sarang) and Rohtas districts
  • Beryllium – Gaya and Nawada Region
  • Tin – Gaya, Devraj and Chakkhand
  • Ceramics – Bhagalpur (Kasari, Patthar Ghat, Sumukhiya, Waterfall, Hankari), Banka (Katoria) and Munger
  • Dolomite – Rohtas (Banjari)
  • Lithium – Gaya
  • Glass Stone –   Bhagalpur District
  • Petroleum – Purnia, Katihar and nearby areas of Bihar also have potential reserves
  • Pyrite  – Rohtas, Valley of Son River, Banjari and Korean Territory 
  • Quartz  – Jamui

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