Minerals of Uttar Pradesh

Minerals of Uttar Pradesh

Major Minerals of Uttar Pradesh

Uttar Pradesh is a rich state in mineral wealth, where various types of minerals are found in the Vindhya region’s mountain range, Bundelkhandi regions, lower Himalayan ranges and river valleys.

The Directorate of Geology and Minorities was established in Uttar Pradesh in  1955  and the Uttar Pradesh State Mineral Development Corporation was established in 1974   and the first Mineral Policy of Uttar Pradesh was announced in December 1998.

Some of the minerals found in Uttar Pradesh and their places of attainment are as follows.

  • Limestone –    Limestone in Uttar Pradesh is found in ​​Gurumaan, Kanach, Babuhari in Mirzapur district and in Kajrahat area of Sonbhadra.
  • Coal – Singrauli (Sonbhadra)
  • Bauxite – Rajaun (Chitrakoot), Chandauli 
  • Dolomite – Bari (Sonbhadra)
  • Kancha Balu – Lala Pur (Allahabad), Bargarh (Chitrakoot)
  • Potash salts – Allahabad, Chandauli, Jhansi 
  • Selkhari – Hamirpur, Jhansi 
  • Pyrites – Sonbhadra 
  • Rock Phosphate – Lalitpur 
  • Heera – Banda, Mirzapur 
  • Gold – in the sand of Sharda and Ramganga river
  • Copper – Lalitpur 
  • Uranium – Lalitpur 
  • Marble – Mirzapur, Sonbhadra 
  • Gypsum – Jhansi, Hamirpur 
  • Sand Stone – Mirzapur  

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